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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 25, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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town now on high alert where vandals left their man. police put out alert here to make sure people's security systems are working, doors windows and gates are locked and if they see anything suspicion, to call them. brian webb, kpix 5. asiana airlines is paying the price for the way they treated passengers and their families after last year's crash at sfo. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the half million- dollar fine the first of its kind. >> we got this picture of a plane on fire. nobody will come out -- >> reporter: you can hear the desperation in his voice one of the many frantic family members forced to rely on cell phone video for information about loved ones following the fiery crash of asiana airlines flight 214. >> information people, talk to asiana. finally someone saying just go downstairs. no one is downstairs. >> reporter: that kind of
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confusion and lack of information is just one of the reasons the department of transportation gave a first-of- its-kind penalty issued against asiana airlines. >> there were obviously serious problems after this crash and asiana had problems before. if they are going to fly internationally, they need to be up on what the rules are when you have a crash. >> reporter: paul hudson of says federal regulations require airlines have a disaster recovery plan and provide timely assistance to loved ones of crash victims like these. >> they are entitled to get communication from the airline and for them to provide you with the information as it becomes available. >> reporter: among asiana's violation the required crash hotline was actually routed to an automated reservation line. asiana took five days to contact all passenger family members and didn't have the required translator and personnel trained in crash response leaving family members to rely on cell phones and
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asiana with the distinction to be the first airline to violate of u.s. law to provide assistance for loved ones of victims of crashes. they will get a 100,000 credit for sponsoring industrywide training sessions. the airline says it provided extensive support to the passengers and families following the incident and will continue to do so. >> so this is more punitive to the airlines, not compensatory for the families. >> reporter: right. this is punishment. asiana also says, we are not the only international carrier who isn't prepared for this type of incident. >> they better be now. thank you. looking live at a few clouds in the sky over san jose right now, the south bay was virtually left out of the last storm that hit the bay area just two weeks ago. but this week, two storms will bring plenty of the much-needed rain. the city of east palo alto is gearing up for the storms. city officials have repaired damage on the san fransesquito
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creek to protect from flooding. workers are also preparing storm drains, streets and stocking a sandbag station. meteorologist paul deanno has the timeline of the one-two punch of storms. >> first up, liz, is round one. the clouds you have outside your house right now that's the leading edge of this storm. but the rainfall will lag a little behind. it will be here tomorrow. but once it gets here, you will know it's here. that rain is going to get heavy, windy. there's the chance of a few thunderstorms. hi-def doppler radar looking out 300 miles right now not finding any rainfall but that will change and now we employ futurecast our in-house computer model to show you what we are predicting by tomorrow evening. that's a nice little chunk of rainfall nearly an inch for san rafael and san francisco and hayward. half of an inch for san jose and more than an inch of rainfall for those of you in pacifica and ukiah. so what to expect? rainfall will not get here for the morning commute. tomorrow morning, your drive to work will be dry. rain arrives by lunchtime at the latest. heavy rainfall for the evening commute. right now looks like the heaviest rainfall will be
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between 4 and 8 p.m. don't be surprised if you hear thunder. this is very unstable air that will be moving over the bay area and all of this is round one of two. we'll talk about the second storm and how much rain you will get in total for the week coming up. >> thank you. the storms are still just a drop in the bucket for our drought. one bay area water district has already put out the call to conserve. now it's asking for more. kpix 5's len ramirez is in san jose with the new goal to cut back. len. >> reporter: we're talking about a shrinking water supply that goes down by the day. in fact, i'm standing in this percolation pond. normally i would be under water but this is anything but normal times. as you said the water district board tonight will be asking residents to double their conservation efforts. it's not completely wasteful but watering a big lawn in the middle of the day is an unwise use of water especially in a drought. >> certainly water during the day is a bad idea because of evaporation. >> reporter: it's the kind of thing the valley water district
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says people can change to help meet the proposed new voluntary goal of reducing water use by 20%. >> it's definitely not symbolic. this is the real deal not only in santa clara county but throughout the bay area, throughout the state. it's turning into a severe drought. >> reporter: with reservoirs drying up in santa clara county, the water district board will again ask the public for reductions. last month they asked for a 10% cut and then little february rain and word santa clara county wouldn't get a drop of federal or state water. getting back to anywhere near normal would take a true march miracle. >> we would have to have 8" of local rain to have measurable runoff and local water sheds, they are very dry. >> reporter: people are starting to take the drought seriously. matt is catching rainwater for plants and showering with a bucket to save a few precious gallons. >> i know people who just don't pay that much attention to it. they water their lawns whenever they wash their cars whenever. and realistically we all need to participate and save water
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because we're all using the same water. it all comes out of the same system. >> reporter: the valley water district board will be holding a meeting tonight where they will consider a voluntary reduction of 20%. the next step after that could be mandatory water reductions which would include fines for people who use too many water. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> california is getting help from space in surviving this unprecedented drought. nasa has partnered with state water officials to use the space agency's satellite data to better assess the drought situation. satellite-radar readings can help measure snowpack, ground water levels and predict storms. in los angeles a winter storm is expected to bring the most rain the area has seen in two years. along with a little drought relief comes big concerns for mud slides. a one-two punch for people living in glendora after fire ripped through the surrounding hills there. workers are loading up 15,000
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sandbags for residents and putting up cement barriers to protect from flooding. other bay area headlines, a contractor struck and ruptured a gas line in menlo park. the leak forced residents out of their homes this afternoon at menlo commons. pg&e crews fixed the broken pipe. no one was hurt. still no official identity on the man who died in a house fire in san jose around midnight. this badly burned body was found by firefighters after flames were put out on willard avenue. the fire destroyed the small cottage caused the roof to collapse. five hours later san jose firefighters responded to this fire. it destroyed a mobile home behind a building on san antonio street. the man who lived there escaped with minor smoke inhalation. there's another case of meatball poisoning in san francisco. a spokesman at animal care and control says a dog ate a poisonous meatball yesterday near twin peaks. the dog is okay after being rushed to the vet. another dog died last july in the same area from a poisoned
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meatball. and tests will be done on meatballs found sunday on la playa street in the richmond district. northern california couple finds their very own hot of gold. >> this is a once that lifetime thing. i caught myself, i said, this might be once in three or four lifetimes. >> indeed, the rare backyard discovery that will make them millionaires. >> and the surprising way they plan to spend their windfall. >> a massive car recall doubles in size. the crucial safety defect now linked to more than a dozen deaths. >> not a good sign when you're trying to rob a bank and nobody takes you seriously. how a criminal and a kitchen knife made for a hilarious exchange. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ a northern california indian reservation wore a bulletprf vest during her first court new at 5:00 a woman accused of going on a rampage at a northern california indian reservation wore a bulletproof vest in court today. she is charged with killing
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four and tea. ing to kill two others. prosecutors say the shooting happened during a meeting to evict cherie rhoades from her tribal housing. two people of killing a 3- year-old napa girl and putting her body in a freezer pleaded not guilty today. sarah krueger, who is the mother of kayleigh slusher and krueger' boyfriend ryan warner face murder and assault charges. they are due back in court in april. caltrans says we shouldn't worry about the welds failing when the next big one shakes the new bay bridge. safety questions have been raised about the alignment of steel deck sections on the new span and how they're connected. this morning, bridge officials said there were gaps when the steel was fitted together. and welds had to be larger than normal to link them together. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> on a separate issue with more rain expected this week, bridge officials say they are still trying to pinpoint where the new span is leaking. the woman attacked for wearing google glass in a bar
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speaks out. the vicious taunts that quickly turned physical and her message to the google glass haters. >> as a buried treasure, something that anyone can aspire to fine, this is the best. >> a northern california couple finds gold in their garden. how the hoard could be one for the record books. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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be the greatest buried trea ever unearthed in the united states. it was made by a couple wal their dog. 10-million new at 5:00 it's believed to be the greatest buried treasure ever unearthedded in the united states. it was made by a couple walking their dog, $10 million worth of gold coins. kpix 5's ann notarangelo tells us what makes the coins worth so much. >> reporter: in an undisclosed location in tiburon is a cache of gold coast. >> not just gold. these are rare gold coins and in great condition. >> reporter: mint condition, you might say. >> they just about fell out of my chair -- i just about fell out of my chair. you know, this is something you dream about, you don't hear about buried treasures like this. >> reporter: coins you or i could have found but didn't. a couple was walking on their property and where else but gold country when they stumbled upon a can like this. and using this stick, they dug it up. >> began going through it and getting rid of the dirt and dust that was around it and discovered they had a pot of
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gold. >> reporter: they struck it rich seven more times, more than 1400 gold coins minted between 1847 and 1892. back in the day they were worth $28,000. but now more than $10 million because most of these coins were melted down. >> this piece right here is probably the star of the entire group. this is an 1866-s no motto 20. >> reporter: very few exist and this one is in better condition than the one in the smithsonian. just as i can't tell you where these are stored, i can't tell you who found them or where. those are also closely guarded secrets. >> they don't want their lives to change that much. >> reporter: it's a mystery who owned them first but it might have been someone in the mining industry. and they were buried over many, many years. so this was somebody's savings account? >> it could very well be that. >> reporter: and a time capsule that has forever changed one family. the lesson for the rest of us?
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watch where you're walking. in tiburon, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> yup. well, the couple plans to put the coins up for sale through amazon while holding on to a few for keepsakes. they will use the money to pay bills and donate to local charities. new details tonight on a woman attacked for wearing the new google glass that the a bar. this is video of sarah slocom showing a friend how to use it. what she says she was doing friday night at molotov's on haight street in san francisco. she says bar patrons started taunting her and calling her names because she was wearing the google glass. then she says somebody grabbed the glasses off her face and ran. she spoke to us by telephone saying, i never expected such hate and venom from merely having a computer cell phone on my head. this is the future. once google releases the mass market version, they will roll out just like smartphones did. slocom got the glasses back but her purse and cell phone were stolen. a bar patron says molotov's is
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a punk rock bar, not tech oriented. the spotlight is on tesla today for being consumer reports's top pick. tesla's model s is the first electric car to win best overall. the sedan received a 99 performance rating the highest score consumer reports has ever had. for starters, it's luxurious, safe and allows passengers to search the internet on a touchscreen control panel. the $89,000 car also runs 225 miles per charge. that's more than any other electric car. several other more affordable cars also received top marks. the subaru impreza won best compact car. the audi a6 is the best luxury car. and for the 11th straight year, toyota's hybrid prius was named the best green car. gm is expanding a recall on cars to fix a deadly defect. it involves ignition switches that can cause the engine to shut off. the automaker originally
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announced the recall affected nearly 800,000 vehicles. now it includes more than a million cars. the defect has been linked to 31 crashes and 13 deaths. the recall already includes chevy cobalts and pontiac g5s and pursuits. saturn eons, chevy hhrs and the pontiac solstice and sky models built between 2003 and 2007 have just been added to the list. arizona governor jan brewer is under pressure to veto a bill that would allow business owners to refuse service to gay people becaused on religious beliefs. hundreds of protested converged on the arizona capital last night demonstrating against senate bill 1062 which they say opens the door discrimination. supporters of the bill say it protects religious freedom. but even some who voted for it are hoping it gets vetoed. >> it was a bill that we were misinformed or misread and misinterpreted.
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>> i don't see this as an attack in so far as those who believe in when you're protecting your right to, a, practice your religion and not engage in a contract. >> both of arizona's u.s. senators along with ceos of apple and american airlines are urging governor brewer to veto the bill. she has rejected similar legislation in the past. she has until friday to decide this bill's fate. all right ball -- i called you ball. paul! the forecast is rolling! the rain is coming. >> that's a segue. we saved ourselves. [ laughter ] >> we have rain coming regardless of what -- don't worry about my name. worry about the weather, which is changing. 80 degrees close to it yesterday. by this time tomorrow, your loved ones will be caught in an epic drive home. if you can work from home or leave work early tomorrow, do it because it is going to be a rough evening commute tomorrow. today we saw an increase in clouds and also a decrease in temperature as a southerly wind
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took over. that's a cooler flow of air for us. san francisco 50s right now. santa rosa 55. oakland and san jose 61. nothing on the radar yet. by this time tomorrow there will be moderate to heavy rainfall over much of the bay area with a slight risk of thunderstorms. now, rain in the bay area typically means snow in the sierra. that is the case a winter weather advisory posted for tomorrow night through thursday morning. 4 to 6" of new snow in the sierra. now we're looking at some snow in squaw valley. skiers today the mobile weather lab roberta gonzales up there earlier today lots of folks enjoying the weather there. beautiful day. and they will be thrilled to hear as we go back to our forecast graphic that 4 to 6" of new snowfall is on the way coming up on thursday even more snow coming up on friday. make your plans to head up to tahoe or your favorite ski resort this weekend. lots of fresh powder, foot, foot and a half. storm number one, this is the one that will get here first. this is the one that will give you the rainfall tomorrow. already the leading edge of the cloud cover moving in. now, this storm is actually the weaker of the two but it's going to pass directly over the
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bay area giving us a greater risk of thunderstorms, stronger winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour, and some steadier rainfall. so even though it's the smaller storm, it's going to hit us more directly. so rain likely throughout the day tomorrow with a very bad evening commute. leave work early if you can, i'm telling you, it's going to be a rough drive out there with heavy rainfall between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. storm number 2 is bigger but trending down to the south. it will be a big concern for los angeles and san diego even santa barbara. but for us kind of a glancing blow. even though it's a bigger storm we'll get less rain and wind on friday. as for how much rainfall in total, by the time you wake up on saturday morning, look at these rainfall totals, not a drought ender but it will be a drought helper for all of us. north bay up to 3." east bay in concord and livermore, up to 2." south bay missed it two weeks ago, you're going to get it this time. san jose up to 2" of rainfall for you. san francisco, san mateo county, burlingame, you're going to get up to 2." highest rainfall totals in the santa cruz mountains because of
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the orographic lift up to 3." it starts tomorrow morning but i think the commute will be dry. the steady rain will move in, in time for the wednesday evening commute. so this time tomorrow. winds will gust 20 to 35 miles per hour. so it will be windy. and there's a slight thunderstorm risk both tomorrow and friday. highs tomorrow doesn't really matter because it will be raining, but here they are, san jose 63, wet, windy tomorrow especially tomorrow evening. break between storms on thursday a few showers that's it. friday here comes the next round, although rain on friday will be the weaker storm. saturday morning a few showers and we clear out by saturday afternoon if you want to get outside over the weekend it would be dry. sunday is a good bet first half of next week also trending dry. so the ball is rolling, liz. [ laughter ] >> toward rainfall moving in. >> you didn't drop the ball on the forecast. >> we haven't yet. it will rain tomorrow. close to a guarantee. >> thank you.
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a man walks into a bank with a meat cleaver and it just gets funnier from there. how the teller put a clumsy robber in his place. ,,
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announced new initiatives to encourage children to eat ls junk food. mrs. obama says junk advertising has no first lady michelle obama has announced new initiatives to encourage children to eat less junk food. mrs. obama says junk food advertising has no place in schools which are required to serve healthy meals. she says vending machines and score boards sponsored by soda and snack companies should be phased out. >> our classrooms should be healthy places where kids are not bombarded with ads for junk food. >> i see these new regulations potentially driving up their costs when schools simply can't afford to spend money in places other than kids' education. >> mr. obama is celebrating the fourth anniversary of the
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"let's move" campaign to fight childhood obesity. netflix is poking a little fun at rival amazon in a mock commercial for drone powered dvd home delivery service. look. >> that's right. our fleet of high-tech drones will deliver you disk to you within mere seconds of you adding it to your queue. >> the fake ad goes on to say unlike others who rush unproven technology to market, it has spent days -- yes, days -- working out the bugs. two netflix employees are said to have made that video for it annual meeting. in december amazon announced drone deliversry in 30 minutes. surveillance video in china shows a man walking up to the teller carrying a cleaver taps the glass, mm-hm. the customer next to him decides maybe a good idea just to walk away. then the man as -- he is on his phone making a phone call and the best part look at the
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teller just turns around, laughs at him, he barely puts up a fight as the customer behind him just kind of takes him down to the ground. cleaver and all. >> cool as a cucumber. not going to mess with me. >> not behind the glass. >> no. good luck. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. well, today we found out that general motors is expanding a recall to well over a million vehicles as we have now learns of more driver deaths linked to a deadly defect. we'll have details from a cbs news investigation. plus, the fda investigates a controversial medical technique that could create a baby with three parents. we'll explain how it works. those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,
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time is ticking on the goog barge. kpix-5 has learned w the high-tech marketing cenr i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 time is ticking on the google barge. kpix 5 has learned why the high- tech marketing center will soon have a new home. >> a food fight with your safety in mind. left in limbo, why a crackdown to prevent potentially deadly cases of contamination is stuck on the shelf. allen and liz, we're going to tell you why farmers say the plan to make food safer would put them out of business. >> all right. good deal, ken. see you in 30 minutes. thank you for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next.
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remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, more deaths are reported as a recall expands. more than a million cars may be linked to a deadly defect. jeff glor continues a cbs news investigation. massive ice dams jam rivers in several states. dean reynolds on the flood danger, and we'll look at where the winter blast will be felt next. the f.d.a. investigates a controversial technique that could create a baby with three parents. dr. jon lapook reports. and 50 years ago today... >> tell me i am the greatest. >> pelley: jim axelrod recalls the fight that created muhammad ali. >> after 50 years, it's still thrilling to me. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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